[KS] Mac Users / Korean: WARNING! (Update to OS X El Capitan)

Frank Hoffmann hoffmann at koreanstudies.com
Sat Oct 3 16:36:42 EDT 2015

Dear All (Windows users, please ignore):

(1) Clarification of space problem
(2) !!! NEW additional WARNING !!!

(1) Clarification of problem

It seems that the spacing problem (reported earlier, in good faith, I 
must say), is of a different nature than I thought it was:
this is that "extra-space-after-numbers in Korean fonts" problem. Now I 
noticed that this seems neither to relate directly to differences 
between Apple's Mac OS X versions nor to differences in MS Word 
versions 2011 and 2016. 

It *is* clearly a problem in the Mac version of MS Word 2011 AND 2016, 
but I just cannot figure out what is going on. Maybe you can? Please do 
post if you understand this and have a solution.

Below are two TEST files -- a MS Word 2011 and a 2016 file -- followed 
by a PDF with the same content that shows the issue (for those using 
In LINES 3, 5, and 8 you do see these *extra spaces* following numbers. 
If you open the MS Word files, please try to DELETE those spaces ... I 
at least am unable to do so, and I have no explanation for these 
differences (within the SAME font).
I *believe* that the problem came into some of my texts after 
exchanging them with an editor who uses Windows. Before that, I think, 
there were no spaces. (I am not entirely sure though.) Now I can copy 
text WITH these spaces, but cannot delete them -- and when I re-type 
such text in the same line, I also continue getting extra spaces. 
Any ideas? (Let me say that this does ONLY happen in Microsoft Office 
programs, independent of the Mac OSX version.)

(See attached files at end of this message.)

(2) !!! NEW additional WARNING !!!

Just now I found a new HIGHLY ALARMING issue: when opening MS Word 2011 
texts (produced while still using Mac OSX 10.10) that include Hanmun -- 
I mean to say, when I open them in EITHER MS Word 2011 OR 2016 -- all 
Hanja now look scrambled like this: those characters in below screen 
shot are supposed to read 山神.
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The characters are still "in tact" -- I can copy them and paste them 
into some other program and they look fine, but the kerning is totally 
off (in every single case!) -- the characters overlap. My suspicion is 
that this might be a problem limited to the Batang/?? font only (the 
only one I use). POSSIBLY only in texts that were received from a 
Windows user, as somehow Windows auto-converts the font name from "??
" to "Batang" (in Latin letters) on a Windows system, and while the 
older Mac OS "knew" that Batang equals ??, the new OS 10.11 seems not 
to know what that is. Again, this is only my suspicion, no more. 
IMPORTANT is that you need to be aware of this, as it creates a big big 
big mess (and it could well be a problem with other CJK fonts also)! 
And again, this problem seems only to occur in Microsoft Word (and 
possibly other MS Office programs). ... All feels like everyone is too 
much into retro -- we had this back in the early 1990s.


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Frank Hoffmann

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