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Brother Anthony ansonjae at sogang.ac.kr
Sun Oct 18 21:10:37 EDT 2015

I am not perhaps correctly understanding Daniel Kane's request. Lists of Koreanists? 

The "Koreanists" page in the Korean Studies site at http://koreanstudies.com/10_koreanists.html still gives its links to two lists of names of Koreanists, that maintained by the AKS: http://ksnet.aks.ac.kr/researcher/main.do  and that at Academia.edu  http://www.academia.edu/People/Korean_Studies    The two lists are of considerable size but I am not clear how they were created or how they are being maintained

The Korea Foundation also once established a 'database' of Koreanists but it no longer seems to exist and judging from what is visible through the Wayback Machine it never provided open access to its names.

Brother Anthony
President, RAS Korea etc

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