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Daniel Kane danielkane at gmail.com
Sun Oct 18 00:03:27 EDT 2015

To whom it may concern,

I am a long-time subscriber to the Korean Studiest listserv so first want
to thank you for your time and effort in upkeeping it and keeping the
discussion going.

I am writing regarding the list of Koreanists that at one time was
available on this listserv. I see it has been taken down and for
understandable reasons. However, for my current task I would have found it
very useful and was wondering if that list might still exist in an archived
form somewhere? I tried the waybackmachine at archive.org but with no luck.

Perhaps I should explain my task. I am undertaking under the auspices of
the Academy of Korean Studies the compilation of a list of Koreanists in
North America, part of a project to hopefully bring their Korean Studies
Net site slowly up to speed. I see you link to that Korean Studies Net as a
source for Korean Studies programs and researchers but it seems all the
data that was there...and it was very incomplete...is now gone, so that
will be of little or no use. Even many of the names there I have to wonder
if they are actually Koreanists. I am putting together a battle plan as it
were to compile a data set of Koreanists in North America. I think one good
place to start would be with that old email contact list, just going
through the names one by one. At the very least it could be useful as one
avenue of approach, i.e. combining a combing through of that list with
searches on Academia.edu and LinkedIn and Google etc.

If that old list is still available would it possible to receive a copy?
Again, I would not be using it as a definitive source of information but
only as a jumping off point.

Thank you for any help you might provide.

Best regards,
Daniel Kane
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