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Fri Oct 30 09:24:58 EDT 2015

John, I was able to locate the war diaries of the 2nd Bn, 1st Marines.

The monthly diaries from Aug 1950 - Dec 1953 is here.

Diary for Sep 1952 is here.

The diary provides detailed day by day account of the unit. You will need a
military map of the area to make sense of the map coordinates. A good place
to start locating the right map is here:

especially these 1:50,000 maps from the Korean War period,

It will require more detailed research to locate the exact map sheet(s)
referenced for the 2nd Bn. If you need help you can write to koreanwar.org
or the Marine Corps History Office. You are looking for the reference
number (e.g. *L751 - 6417 - III* ) covering the area occupied by 2nd Bn,
1st Marines in Sep 1952.

Good luck.
Jiyul Kim

On Thu, Oct 29, 2015 at 7:33 PM, John Eperjesi <john.eperjesi at gmail.com>

> Hi Folks,
> I posted this question a while back, but have more information now,
> perhaps someone could point me in the right direction:
> My father was injured in the Korean War in late August, early September
> 1952.  He was with the USMC, Korea "E" Company, 2nd Battalion, 1st Reg.,
> 1st Division.
> Since I live in Seoul, I would like to find out where he was injured, or
> details of the battle. He received 2 Purple Hearts, because he was hit
> again while being carried off the battlefield.
> Thanks in advance,
> John
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