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Title: Call for young people with committed interest in DPRK to speak at the Engage Korea, student run  conference on December 11th, 2015
The pursuit of peace on the Korean Peninsula necessitates the younger generation to be better informed about the historical, socio-political, and economic aspects of DPRK(North Korea). To take a step towards realizing this vision Engage Korea are organizing their third conference (previous events have been held at Oxford University and Harvard University), at the University of Cambridge, Centre for Research in Arts, Social Sciences and the Humanities (CRASSH) on the 11th of December, 2015.
This conference will take place on December 11th, 2015 at the University of Cambridge in the United Kingdom and will feature eminent scholars, students and NGO practitioners with years of first-hand experiences working inside the country. Another highlight will be “discussion sessions” where participants can present their works on DPRK to a wider audience, identify their future collaborators and network with the speakers. Please visit engagekorea.org for more details.
We are looking for 6 – 8 speakers for discussion sessions. Interested applicants should send (1) an abstract (maximum 500 words) and (2) an email with answers to four following questions to Robert Winstanley-Chesters (r.winstanley-chesters at leeds.ac.uk) and Stina Bae (stina.j.bae at gmail.com) by Monday, October 12th.
*** Questions for applicant's email
-      What motivates you to share your work and why should others be motivated to hear it?
-      What new perspective/ideas does your work on North Korea bring?
-      Why is this particular forum the right platform for the dissemination of your work?
-      How does participating in this conference enable you to extend or continue your work?

Please refer to following information to help guide your application. We are looking forward to your daring, enlightening and innovative submissions!

A round of discussion groups with 3 – 4 presenters in each group, facilitated by a group leader/discussant; conference participants will choose 1 of the organized 3-4 discussion groups.
Each presenter will present for 20 minutes with 20 minutes for Q&A
The activity of the discussion groups will then be fed back into the main conference plenary sessions with a 20 minute feedback session led by the designated leader/discussant from each of the groups. We will also be selecting applicants to fulfill this role.
 Selection criteria for presentations
1) Author’s original work on topics relating to DPRK, which includes:
- an academic research piece on DPRK with its topic relevant to the conference theme
                - a comparative study with other country case
- a creative and artistic work
- a presentation of a (non) profit project
- published/recorded audio or visual piece, etc.
2) Preference to those who did not participate in the 2013 and 2014 Engage Korea conference

1) A chance to present his/her work before public attendees and renowned experts on DPRK
2) A networking opportunity like no other (e.g. evening social with speakers)
3) Public release of the presentation paper (upon request)
4) We are also exploring othe publication venues such a special issue to an academic journal or academic blog on DPRK

Financial supports
Due to budget constraint, organizers cannot support discussion group speakers. The speakers are encouraged to find own travel and accommodation funding from their respective universities and organizations.

However, we will try our best to provide supplementary supports including:
     1) providing a letter of invitation/endorsement to assist fundraising from other sources
     2) providing a short statement on the conference if the speaker fundraises via crowd-funding
     3) helping to find cheap accommodations such as home-stays and vacant places on Airbnb
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