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Dear all, please note the call for papers below. All the best, Andrew
Call for Contributions forBook Publication on Invented Traditions in Korea

‘The element ofinvention is clear… since the history which became part of the fund of knowledgeor the ideology of nation, state, or movement is not what has actually beenpreserved in popular memory, but what has been selected, written, pictured,popularized and institutionalized by those whose function it is to do so.’(Hobsbawm 1983, 13).

It is more thanthree decades since Eric Hobsbawm and Terence Ranger published their seminaltext examining the invention of traditions in the creation of nationalidentity. We would like to produce an edited collection of essays investigatingthe invention of tradition in Korea. We believe theinvention of tradition has played a vital role in the creation of North andSouth Korean identities as a response to modernization efforts in a dividednation torn apart by war and polarized by political conflict.

Suggested topics include thefollowing:

Inventedtraditions in sport, history, art, music, religions, publicrituals. Invented traditions in private life (food, clothing), inventedtraditions in modern South and North Korea, invented traditions amongst theKorean diaspora, traditions invented during the Colonial Period. Challenges to the notion of invented traditions in theKorean context.

Papers on other related topics will also beconsidered. 

We aim to publishthe work with a major publisher in Europe or the USA. Wewill collect abstracts before the summer, put together a proposal and a workingintroduction and send the proposal off to a publisher by the end ofsummer 2016, with all full papers in and edited ready for peer review by earlysummer 2017. The book would be in a similar format to Mirror of Modernity: Invented Traditions of Modern Japan, edited byStephen Vlastos, University of California Press, 1998, and would be dividedthematically into related sections. All abstractsshould be material that has not been published and is not intended forpublication elsewhere. The length of the final papers will be: 6-8000 wordsincluding notes and bibliography.

The work will be edited by Andrew David Jackson(University of Copenhagen)

Codruta Cuc Sintionean (Babes BolyaiUniversity, Cluj-Napoca)

Remco Breukker (Leiden University)

CedarBough Saeji (VisitingResearch Scholar, Research Institute of Korean Studies, Korea University)

Please submit a 300 wordabstract and a 50 word biography before May 31st 2016 to AndrewDavid Jackson at krm769 at hum.ku.dk

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