[KS] Book Talk 4/28: Under the Ancestors Eyes (Kyujanggak)

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You are cordially invited to a lecture by Prof. Martina Deuchler (SOAS) on her latest work,

Under the Ancestors' Eyes: Kinship, Status, and Locality  in Premodern Korea (Harvard University

Asia Center, 2015). In this book, the focus shifts from the Confucianization process to the enduring

modes of social organization that both predate Confucianization and remained after it had affected

all areas of life on the peninsula.

The talk will take place at the Kyujanggak Institute for Korean Studies from 3 PM on Thursday April 28,

and will be moderated by me. Discussants will be Prof. Moon Ok-pyo (Academy of Korean Studies) and

Prof. Milan Hejtmanek (Seoul National University).

For more information, please see here:


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