[KS] Using Hancha on a Mac

Don Baker ubcdbaker at hotmail.com
Wed Aug 31 23:35:08 EDT 2016

I thought I sent this to the entire group earlier but, apparently, only Frank received it. He asked me to share it with the rest of you. 
I use Nisus when I need to input Hancha. I can’t input Hancha in MS 
Word directly on my Mac, but I can easily do so in Nisus by simply 
switching to Han’gul (via the language selector on the bar at the 
top, on the right)l.  From Han’gul it’s easy to get the appropriate 
Hancha.  It is somewhat clunky, I admit, and I can’t get the old 
Han’gŭl forms that Ross likes to use, but it works for me when I need 
to put a word or two in Hancha in the middle of an English-language 
text.  Is that work-around going to be gone with the new macOS? 

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