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Brother Anthony ansonjae at sogang.ac.kr
Wed Aug 31 22:27:29 EDT 2016

According to my record, http://anthony.sogang.ac.kr/TranslationsKoreanRecent.html  the following translations of modern Korean literature have so far been published this year. Have I missed something? 

Brother Anthony
President, RAS Korea etc


I Am a Season That Does Not Exist in the World
Kim Kyung Ju
Translated by Jake Levine
Black Ocean 2016

Request Line at Noon
Lee Jangwook
Translated by Sun Kim
Codhill 2016

The Colors of Dawn: Twentieth-Century Korean Poetry
An anthology edited by Brother Anthony, Chung Eun-Gwi,
Manoa (University of Hawai’i Press)  2016

Cheer Up Femme Fatale
Kim Yideum
Translated by Ji yoon Lee, Don Mee Choi, Johannes Goransson
Action Books 2016

No Flower Blooms Without Wavering
Do Jong-Hwan
Translated by Brother Anthony / Jinna Park
Seoul Selection, 2016

Night-Sky Checkerboard
Oh Sae-Young
Translated by Brother Anthony
Phoneme Media  2016

Poor Love Machine
Kim Hyesoon
Translated by Don Mee Choi
Action Books  2016

Fifteen Seconds without Sorrow
Shim Bo-seon
Translated by Chung Eun-Gwi and Brother Anthony
Parlor Press  2016

A Letter Not Sent
Jeong Ho-Seung
Translated by Brother Anthony / Susan Hwang
Seoul Selection  2016


Human Acts
Han Kang
Translated by Deborah Smith
Portobello Books 2016

The Future of Silence: Fiction by Korean Women
9 authors
Translated by Ju-Chan Fulton / Bruce Fulton
Zephyr  2016

Olympic Boulevard
Philip Onho Lee
Translated by John Cha
Seoul Selection   2016

Vaseline Buddha
Jung Young Moon
Translated by Jung Yewon
Deep Vellum Publishing  2016

A Contrived World
Jung Young Moon
Translated by Mah Eunji and Jeffrey Karvonen
Dalkey Archive  2016

Time to Eat Lobster: Contemporary Korean Stories on Memories of the Vietnam War
Bang Hyun-seok
Translated by Jeon Seung-Hee
MerwinAsia  2016

The Dog Who Dared to Dream
Sun-mi Hwang
Translated by Chi-Young Kim
LittleBrown Book Group  2016

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