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Wed Jul 27 16:30:34 EDT 2016

My apologies! Just noticed that I managed to mix up the book _在美韓人五
十年史_ by Kim Wŏn-yong (aka Warren Y. Kim) with that of Mun Il-p'yŏng. 
Kim Wŏn-yong's one was/is handwritten ... and not all too helpful, as I 
recall. Kim Wŏn-yong was an actual immigrant living in the US. Mun 
Il-p'yŏng was not, and his 50-year history, _韓美關係五十年史_ (seems 
it was first published in book format as early as 1940, not 1945), is, 
other than Kim's history, all based on secondary materials. ... I am 
sure Wayne Patterson would know a lot about both these authors -- is he 
on the list?

I have to thank you for the question, though. Turns out that Mun 
Il-p'yŏng also wrote some pieces on Korean calligraphy and art that I 
did not know, trying (like so many in those days) to define what's 
Korean about Korean arts. Fits perfectly with what I am presently 
working on -- so, thanks!
Also, BBPia (http://www.dbpia.co.kr/) lists several articles on Mun.

You may want to check out this dissertation about Mun's writings on 
Korean history (and possible also that older MA thesis, although that's 
just the usual short & quick job):

湖岩 文一平의 史學 硏究
by: 閔亨基

湖岩 文一平의 對外觀: 「對米關係五十年史」를 中心으로
by: 안종란


Frank Hoffmann

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