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An update to the Hiraishi story ::)

The transcription "Hiraishi Ujito" was also used -- at all times of his 
life, from the 1880s while a law student in Tokyo until 1924 when he 
visited Singapore, still having that same position as chief judge at 
age 80. He appears with that transcription in the university yearbooks, 
in the _Singapore Free Press_, and in the _The Japan Daily Mail_. 
Parallel he is referred to -- as already mentioned -- as "Hiraishi 
Ujindo" in the _Japan Year Book_ (various annual editions) and _Who's 
Who in Japan_ (also various annual editions).

I could not once find any reference to "Hiraishi Ujihito" -- OTHER THAN 
in recent South Korean publications (히라이시 우지비토) and English and 
German ones that likely copied the Korean naming (OR went by some Jap. 
name dictionary). 

In short, it seems Hiraishi simply decided himself how his given name 
should be pronounced, and he might have changed that over time. That 
would be something also seen with Koreans, Germans, and other 
nationalities. Names were rather fluid in those days. /Frank/

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