[KS] AAS Panel on Early Korea

Best, Jonathan jbest at wesleyan.edu
Mon Mar 21 20:34:56 EDT 2016

Dear all,
As best that I can tell this is the only session focused entirely on pre-Koryŏ Korea.


Thursday March 31st, 7:30PM-9:30PM Room 305, Level 3

Chronological Problems in the Samguk Sagi’s representation of Silla history

Chaired by Edward J. Shultz, University of Hawai’i at Manoa

Unreliable Narratives: Historical and Archaeological Approaches to Early Silla

Jack Davey, University of California, Berkeley

The Samguk Sagi’s Anachronistic Reference to Queen Himiko, the Wa Ruler of Yamatai

Jonathan W. Best, Wesleyan University

Some Problems with Early Koguryŏ-Silla Relations as Described in the Samguk Sagi

Mark E. Byington, Harvard University

Hoping to see some of you there,


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