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The Center for Korean History at Korea University is pleased
to announce the publication of *The International Journal of Korean History*,
Vol. 21, No. 2, the complete table of contents of which may be found at the
end of this e-mail. The articles in this journal’s special theme issue
focus on new research on the turn of the nineteenth century intellectual Yu
Kilchun. All the articles in this issue and all previous issues of the
journal are currently freely accessible on EBSCOhost, Google Scholar and at
the IJKH homepage http://ijkh.khistory.org

The IJKH is an international scholarly journal that promotes original
research and new analyses and interpretations through articles, book
reviews, and translated scholarly works related to Korean history. The IJKH
editors and editorial board are committed to serving its international
authors and readers, and to the development of Korean studies both in and
outside of Korea.

The IJKH is published biannually in February and August of each year.
Submissions of academic papers related to the field of Korean history are
accepted for peer review throughout the year.

Best wishes,
John B. Duncan, Editor-in-chief

*Special Theme: The Current State of Research on Yu Kilchun and the Search
for Methodologies*

Guest Editor’s Introduction - CHOI Deoksoo

A Study on Yu Kilchun and His Network of Acquaintances (1881-1907) –

Yu Kilchun’s Concept of Reform of the Tax System in the Korean Empire –
YANG Jinah

Textbook Inspection and Censorship in Korea during the Protectorate Period:
A Study of Inspection Copies of Textbooks Compiled by the Young Korean
Academy – KIM Soyoung


“My Turn to Speak”: Criticism Culture and the Multiple Uses of Class in
Postwar North Korea – Andre Schmid

The Current State and Historico-geographical Background of Mt. Chirisan
Region Immigrants – KANG Sungho

*Book Review*

ROUX, Pierre-Emmanuel, *La Criox, la baleine et le canon. La France face **à
la Corée au milieu du XIXe siècle*, Paris, Editions du Cerf, 2012, 462p. –
Klaus Dittrich

*History in Cinema Review*

Through the Prism of Masquerade: The Colonial Pastin *Assassination* –
Jinsoo An

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