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Dear listmembers, 

 those ofyou living in the Seoul area might be interested in the following event: 

The 12th Tongil HankukForum

 "AVicious Circle of Provocation and Sanctions - Plans for New Economic Map of theKorean Peninsula?"

l Date:August 16, 2017, Wednesday, 14:00~17:00

l Location:GCS International Korea Chapter (Yulgokno, Seoul)

The Moon Jae-in Administration has announced that itwill form 100 major government projects though a 5-year governmental plan. Ithas also confirmed to work on a plan called the “Plans for New Economic Map ofKorean Peninsula” and “Northeast AsianCommunity of Plus Responsibility” (동북아플러스책임공동체). 

This is a vision of the Korean Peninsula policy tobreak the vicious cycle of North Korea’s provocations and to induce desirablechange in North Korean society for constructing peace community in the area. 

 The TongilHankuk forum is planning to specifically analyze governmental strategies andvisions of major projects in unification and foreign affairs area. The forumwill discuss the government’s plans to implement the plan for the KoreanPeninsula, and discuss strategies for realizing this vision in a swift manner. 

 At this forum, we would like to discuss practicalstrategies for implementing plans for the new economic map of the KoreaPeninsula in a politically tense situation. Lastly, we hope with the help ofthe experts and the wise opinions of the participants that we will be able tofind alternative solutions to solve this current political crisis.

1. Registration (13:30-14:00)

2. Opening Session (14:00-14:30)-Opening Address Son,Jae-Shik (Chairman of Tongil Hankuk Forum)
3. Main Session (14:30-16:50)"Recent economic situation of DRPK and economic cooperation plans by thenew administration" 

∥Moderator Cho, Kun-Shik (former CEO of Hyundai Asan Corp.)

1st Presentation:"DPRK economy seen through a window of market and trade" 

∥First Presenter Park, Jong-Chol (Head of Research Institute of PeaceUnification, Gyeongsang National Univ.) 

2ndPresentation: "Promotion strategies for new economicmap of Korean Peninsula?"

∥Second Presenter Lim, Eul-Chul (Institute for Far Eastern Studies,Kyungnam Univ.)

Roundtable discussion:"Breakthrough for economic cooperation under the situation of provocationsand sanctions?" 

∥ KimYoung-Hee (Head of North Korean Economy, Korea Development Bank), Dong,Yong-Seung (Head of Good Farmers), An, Byung-Min (Senior researcherof Korea Transport Institute)

4. Closing Session (16:50-17:00)

 - Closing Address: Bernhard Seliger (Resident Representative of HannsSeidel Foundation)

 Importantnote: the event will be hold in Korean without translation

 For moreinformation contact the Institute for Peace Affairs: 

Tel: 02-358-0612~5

Email: ipa21 at chol.com

 Dr. Bernhard SeligerHanns Seidel Stiftung - Seoul OfficeRoom 501, Soo Young Bldg., 64-1, Hannam 1 Dong, Yongsan-guSeoul, Republic of KoreaTel.+ 82 2 790 5344Fax. + 82 2 790 5346
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