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Dear list members,

We are delighted to announce the publication of the winter 2017 issue of
the *Korea Journal* (vol. 57, no. 4), which is dedicated to the special
topic of “Religious Innovation and Change in Seoul.”

Religious organizations constantly seek to develop religious products that
will set them apart from other religious organizations and attract more
consumers to their particular brand of religion. It seems clear that this
is a time of great social and religious flux, as institutions in general,
and religious institutions in particular, are experiencing an increasing
difficulty in adapting to current social, technological, and cultural
changes. This special issue investigated the relationship between
competition and innovation within and between religious groups focusing on

Each of the four essays that follow emphasize one or another of the primary
questions that drove the larger project. Prof. Sung Gun Kim most directly
takes on the questions of competition and innovation, but includes
important cultural context of recent scandals that several mega-churches in
Seoul have faced. Prof. Kwangsuk Yoo shows how the Urban Industrial Mission
(UIM) responded to the immediate social and economic situation factory
workers in the Guro Industrial Complex (GIC). Similarly, Prof. Jang shows
not only how Filipino immigrants to Seoul bring their religion with them,
but how that religion becomes stronger, ultimately transforms, or
“reterritorializes” the host community as a Filipino Catholic community.
Prof. Seil Oh focuses on three mission universities in the western area of
Seoul, and shows the challenges faced by these schools in adapting and
innovating to accommodate a diverse student body, while maintaining their
mission as a religious institution.

In addition to these special topic articles, this issue includes two
research articles that have been accepted for publication after strict
peer-review processes. The article by Park, Lee, and Park explores the
sociocultural challenges facing North Korean refugee physicians in
adjusting to the capitalistic South Korean healthcare system. Kim
Heekyoung’s article investigates how South Korean male elder passengers’
efforts to recuperate a damaged sense of self constitute a struggle for

The contents of this issue are as follows:

*Special Topic: Religious Innovation and Change in Seoul*

Richard FLORY / [On this topic] Religious Innovation and Change in Seoul

Sung Gun KIM / The New Face of Large Congregations: Creative Innovations in
Four Megachurches in the Seoul Metropolitan Area

Seil OH / Exploring the Religious Marketplace for Korean Young Adults:
Riddles of Secular Change and Innovation

Hyung Chull JANG / Practicing Filipino Catholicism in Korea:
Characteristics of Hyehwa-dong Filipino Catholic Community (HFCC) in Seoul

Kwangsuk YOO / The Innovative Heritage of the Urban Industrial Mission in
the Korean Religious Market: A Case Study of YDP-UIM


Young Su PARK, Hae Won LEE, and Sang Min PARK / From *Jeongseong* to
“Three-Minute Care”: Healthcare Transitions in North Korea and the Cultural
Adjustment of North Korean Refugee Doctors in South Korea

Heekyoung KIM / Underground Strongman: “Silver Seats,” Fare-Exempt Status,
and the Struggles for Recognition on the Seoul Subway

We would also like to take this opportunity to inform you that, with effect
from January 2018, responsibility for publishing the *Korea Journal* will
be transferred from the Korean National Commission for UNESCO to the
Academy of Korean Studies. The new contact information is as follows:

Dr. Chanmi Ko
The Academy of Korean Studies
Tel: 82-31-730-8746
E-mail: koreajournal at aks.ac.kr

We appreciate all your support thus far and hope your support for *Korea
Journal *will be continued even after the transfer of the Journal to the
Academy of Korean Studies.

All the best wishes,

Korea Journal Editorial Team
Korean National Commission for UNESCO
26 Myeongdong-gil (UNESCO Road)
Jung-gu, Seoul 04536, South Korea
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