[KS] Ku Han'guk oegyo munsŏ -- who wrote the Re. lines?

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Dear All:

Sorry to bother with this. A small, simple question.

The late Chosŏn period diplomatic document collection -- for the 
'opening' period, _Ku Han'guk oegyo munsŏ_ 舊韓國外交文書, that was 
published from the mid-1960s to the early 1970s by Koryŏ Taehakkyo ... 
and that I am accessing in its digital version (as you probably do as 
well): who wrote the "subject" lines in there, when and by whom were 
they written? 

In that below page with the letters to Min Yŏng-ik, as head of the 
first Korean Embassy (delegation) to the U.S., from September 1883, it 
reads "보스톤外國美術工藝會社秘書 노튼" (in mixed script!) -- referring 
to an ongoing exhibition in Boston. The delegation then actually gave a 
couple of objects to be displayed at the exhibition. Thus, this became 
Korea's first ever official participation in an international fair or 
exhibition. But the other point is that the term _misul_ 美術 (for 
'fine arts') is used in the name of the exhibit. OTHERWISE, the first 
time this neologism is known to have been used in Korea was several 
months later, in 1884. So, I wonder who and when this was put there? 
Those of you working with pre-1900 documents on a regular basis might 
have a better idea, I hope. ... Was mixed script already used in 1883, 
in official government documents? 


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Frank Hoffmann

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