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In January 1935, Dr. Fritz J. Hansgirg, a brilliant Austrian chemist and metallurgist from Graz, Austria's second-largest city, arrived in Japan to erect for Jun Noguchi, the great Japanese industrialist, a large magnesium plant at Konan, Korea (now Hungnam). By then, Hansgirg had erected a pilot magnesium plant in Radenthein, Austria and had invented methods of oil cracking, hydrogen and heavy water production, and more.
Then in September 1935, Dr. Hansgirg wrote a lengthy letter to the vice-president of the Roerich Museum in Manhattan. In that letter, Hansgirg discussed the construction of a magnesium plant, an artificial gemstone plant, and an oil cracking plant. He also explained he was working out a contract to erect for Noguchi a heavy water plant capable of producing that rare and valuable substance on a large scale. In Hansgirg's letter from Korea, he also mentioned how Koreans were treated, what a Korean burial site looked like, and other social issues.
I was just reassured that my article "Letter from Korea: Atomic Bomb Pioneer Fritz Hansgirg” would appear in volume 3 of the book: "Koreans and Central Europeans: Informal Contacts up to 1950" by Vienna: Praesens Verlag. I hope you all have the opportunity to pick up a copy, and perhaps write a review.
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