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*Call for Papers*

*Korean Diaspora and the Arts*

Location: Harry S. Truman Institute for the Advancement of Peace

The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel

May 21–23, 2017

The Department of Asian Studies at The Hebrew University of Jerusalem is
pleased to announce its hosting of an international conference, “Korean
Diaspora and the Arts.” There has been great interest in the study of the
Korean diaspora in the last two decades, during which we have witnessed
scholars’ active engagement with the Korean diaspora especially in the
fields of anthropology, sociology, ethnography, and art. Drawing on this
scholarship, this conference aims to bring together innovative approaches
that will deepen our understanding of the historical, cultural, and
political experiences of Korean diasporic individuals and communities as
reflected in creative works—literature, films, multimedia works,
performance art, music, popular culture, etc.—as well as scholarly works
that deal with diasporic artists. By closely examining both well-known and
lesser-known artworks and artists, the conference is hoping to explore how
the living experiences of the Korean diaspora can be articulated through
creative means; and what purposes the arts serve for diasporic individuals
and communities.

We welcome individual papers and panel proposals that examine
representations of the Korean diaspora in creative works; and that
investigate lives and philosophies of diasporic artists in the twentieth
and twenty-first centuries. We will also consider papers that contain
innovative theoretical, historical, and sociological approaches to the
Korean diaspora.

Individual abstracts (300 words) and panel proposals (with abstracts for
each of the panelists) should be sent to koreadiaspora at gmail.com
<koreadisapora at gmail.com> by *February 10, 2017*. Successful applicants
will be notified by February 28, 2017, and asked to send their working
papers (3,000–4,000 words) at least two weeks prior to the conference.
Questions regarding the conference and the proposal submission process can
be sent to: Dr. Jooyeon Rhee (jooyeonrhee at gmail.com) or Ira Lyan (
irlyan at gmail.com).


The conference provides airport pick up, three nights at the university
lounge (May 21-24), lunches, and a post-conference dinner. A free guided
tour to The Old City (or Dead Sea/Masada) will be provided for all
participants on May 24.


The Academy of Korean Studies, The Louis Frieberg Center for East Asian
Studies, and The Harry S. Truman Institute for the Advancement of Peace

*Organizing Committee*

Dr. Jooyeon Rhee, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Ira Lyan, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem

The Department of Asian Studies at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem is
the oldest in Israel and is one of the biggest departments in the Faculty
of Humanities, home to over 300 students specializing in Chinese, Japanese,
Korean, and Indian Studies. The department is characterized by its
excellence in research and teaching, and it maintains an environment of
cooperation between students and faculty in a wide array of extracurricular
activities. To read more about the department, visit:

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