[KS] Call for Papers: New Sense of Being and Sense of Crisis in the Late Choson Period, Korean History Workshop at Ewha (Summer 2017)

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Mon Jun 19 00:59:20 EDT 2017

Dear Korean Studies List

There will be a Korean-history workshop at Ewha in the next month. We are
still accepting a paper for the workshop. It is open to junior and senior
scholars who are conducting field research and archival work in Seoul this

If you want to join the workshop, please send me (sro at ewha.ac.kr) your
abstract (300 words) by June 30 (Friday).

New Sense of Being and Sense of Crisis in the Late Chosŏn Period:

Beyond the Confucian Horizon

Korean History Workshop at Ewha Womans Univ.

14 July 2017 (Friday)

This workshop invites scholars from different disciplines and research
fields to revisit the eighteenth-and nineteenth history of Chosŏn dynasty.
The Korean regime of Confucian ideology began to show signs of weakness as
well as efforts to restore its dogma as the kingdom was approaching to the
dawn of modern era. This workshop aims to reveal new sense of being which
could not be contained within the boundary of Confucian metaphysics, gender
ethics, and worldview.

Organizers: Michael J. Pettid (SUNY Binghamton), Sang-ho Ro (Ewha)

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Sang-ho Ro at
sro at ewha.ac.kr

Best regards,

Sang-ho Ro

Assistant Professor, Director of Korean Studies Programs
Department of Korean Studies
Division of International Studies
Scranton College
Ewha Womans University
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