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New Publication Released on Asia Foundation’s Work in Korea
Seoul, June 16, 2017 — The Asia Foundation’s Korea Office is pleased to
announce the publication of *A Partner for Change: Six Decades of The Asia
Foundation in Korea*
This book details more than sixty years of The Asia Foundation’s presence
in Korea as the country rapidly and dynamically transformed after a
devastating war in the mid-twentieth century.

For more than six decades, The Asia Foundation has responded to the
ever-changing needs of the Korean people by building relationships and
addressing the critical issues facing the country with creativity,
expertise and commitment. This publication is a historical record of
Korea’s remarkable journey and the Foundation’s initiatives, partnerships,
programs and events to support that journey. It details the rapid
development of Korea—growth that to date serves as an example of how a
country can far exceed development expectations in a matter of decades: the
country is now actively sharing lessons of its own transformation from aid
recipient to donor.

David Steinberg, The Asia Foundation’s country representative in Korea from
1963-68 and then again from 1994-98, writes in the book: “The Asia
Foundation is unique among foreign private organizations in Korea in that
it has maintained a presence here for more than 60 years, and, throughout,
has responded to the tumultuous and vibrant times by adapting to Korea’s
own transformation. The achievement of this balance, adapting to changing
needs and assisting in the preservation of Korean identity while
simultaneously responding to regional and global trends, has made The Asia
Foundation’s work in Korea singular.”

The Asia Foundation continued its work even after other international
organizations ceased operations in the country. From the beginning, the
Foundation recognized Korea’s enormous potential and made conscientious
efforts to support the country’s aspirations for economic, intellectual,
and institutional development. *A Partner for Change*
the Foundation’s efforts to move the overarching goals of the Asia
Foundation forward—to strengthen local governance, empower women, expand
economic opportunities, increase environmental resilience, and promote
regional cooperation.

Read more about the Foundation’s work in Korea

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