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Dear list members, 

 the following conference in Seoul tomorrow might beof interest for you: 

 The13th Unified Korea Forum

 “6th North Korean Nuclear Test;  Our Security, a new Review”

 Date : 2017. 9. 21(Thu) 14:00~17:00 

Location : GCS International (Yulgokno, Seoul)

 North Korea has conducted the sixth nuclear test onSeptember 3. After the 5th nuclear test on September 9 in last year, NorthKorea officially announced the nuclear test which is "the test of ahydrogen bomb for the intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM)". AlthoughMoon Jae-in administration has adhered the policy, two track, which means toboth communicate and sanction to North Korea, but North Korea is ignoring itand spurring its efforts toward a nuclear-weapon state. It seems there is nosign of resolution. 

 The 13th Unified Korea Forum will be held to analyzethe strategy of the nuclear test of North Korea and examine the change ofsecurity environment of Korean peninsula result from the International response,and also will reorganize the keynote and strategy toward North Korea. We hopethat through the combination of the deep research of the experts and the wiseopinions of the members, we will find a wise alternative in overcoming thecurrent security crisis. 

 1. Registration(13:30~14:00)

 2. OpeningSession (14:00~14:30)

 Opening Address               
Son, Jae-Shik (Chairman of Unified KoreaForum)

Bernhard Seliger(Hanns-Seidel-Foundation) 

 3. MainSession (14:30~16:50) “The impact of NorthKorea's sixth nuclear test and the change of our security environment."

 Moderator KimCheon-Shik (Former Vice Minister of Ministry of Unification)

 Topic Presentation     “What is the meaning anddeterrent of the sixth nuclear test of North Korea? - Seo Kyun-ryol (Professor of departmentof nuclear science, Seoul National University)
Round Table              
“ForNorth Korea who has Cross the Line, what's the response of surroundingcountries and strategy ofus?”
- Kim Tae-hyun (Professor of departmentof international graduate school, Joongang University.)- Kim Hyun-ook (Professor of KoreaNational Diplomatic Academy)- Jeong Jae-hung (Researcherof Sejong Institute)- Jo Han-sub (predecessor member of Korea Institute for NationalUnification) 4. Closing Session (16:50~17:00)

 For moreinformation please contact: 

 Institutefor Peace Affairs, Tel. 02 – 358 0612

 Dr. Bernhard Seliger

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