[KS] Conference Announcement: Identity and Transnational Mobility in and out of Korea

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Dear all,

The Korean Studies Program at Goethe University of Frankfurt will be
hosting an international conference 'Identity and Transnational Mobility in
and out of Korea' on February 22-23, 2018.  A detailed agenda is also
attached to this e-mail.

     *Identity and Transnational Mobility in and out of Korea*

*February 22-23, 2018*

*Seminarhaus 0.017, Campus Westend, Goethe University of Frankfurt*

*[Thursday, February 22]*

*9:00**–**9:30* Registration

*9:30**–**10:00* Welcome Remarks by Prof. Dr. *Elisabeth Hollender*, Dean
of the Faculty of

     Linguistics, Culture, and Arts, Goethe University of Frankfurt

     Welcome Remarks by Prof. Dr. *Bumhym Bek*, Consul General of Republic
of Korea,


     Opening Remarks by Prof. Dr. *Yonson Ahn*, Director of Korean Studies,

     University of Frankfurt

*10:00**–**11:00* *Keynote Speech I* by Prof. *Brenda S.A. Yeoh *(National
University of Singapore) Transnational Migration and Families on the Move
in Asia: Negotiating Intimacies and Identities Across Borders

*11:00**–**11:15* Coffee Break

*11:15**–**13:15** Panel I Migration and Gender *

*(Chair: Dr. Ruth Achenbach)*

Prof.* Kyoung-Hee Moon* (Changwon National University)

Gender, Race, and Migration: The Experiences of ‘First-Generation’ Korean
Women in Australia

Prof.* Minjung Kim* (Kangwon National University)

Between Personal Choice and Social Exclusion: Diaspora Identities of
Intermarried Korean Women in the Philippines

*Mi-Jeong Jo *(Goethe University of Frankfurt)

Gender and "Co-ethnicity": Koryŏ saram Migrant Women and Family Relations
in South Korea

*Dukin Lim* (University of Tokyo)

Reshaping Identity Through Family and Work: The Case of Highly Skilled
Korean Migrant Women in Urban Japan

*13:15**–**14:45* Lunch Break

*14:45**–**16:15* *Panel II Migration and Media *

*(Chair: Prof. Changzoo Song)*

Prof.* Younghan Cho & Mikah Lee *(Hankuk University of Foreign Studies)

Cultural Translation on YouTube: Self-Perceptions and Representation
of Contemporary
South Korea by Foreign Expatriates

*So Hye Kim* (University of Chicago)

In and Out of Uri (Us): South Korean Documentary Films on Zainichi Korean
Students in Chosŏn Schools

*Vicki Sung-Yeon Kwon* (University of Alberta)

Reversing the Route of Migration of Labours: Mixrice’s Return, 2006

*16:15**–**16:30* Coffee Break

*16:30**–**17:30* *Panel III Transnational Mobility in Historical
Perspective *

*(Chair: Prof. Stephen Cho Suh)*

Prof.* Javier Cha *(Seoul National University)

Transnational Mobility, Hybrid Identities, and the Founding of the Chosŏn

*Dolf Neuhaus* (Free University of Berlin)

“Awakening Asia”: Korean Intellectuals in Japan, The Asia Kunglun, and
Asian Solidarity, 1919–1923

*19:00* Group Dinner at Demera

*[Friday, February 23] *

*09:30**–**10:30* *Keynote Speech II* by Prof. *Wayne Patterson* (St.
Norbert College)

Korean Immigration to the United States, 1903-1905: A New Look at Japanese

*10:30**–**10:45* Coffee Break

*10:45**–**12:45** Panel IV Korean Diaspora and Return Migration *

*(Chair: Dolf Neuhaus)*

Prof.* German Kim* (Kazakh National University & Konguk University)

Correlation Between Ethnic Identity and Return Migration from the CIS to
South Korea

Prof.* Matteo Fumagalli* (University of St Andrews)

Re-defining the Homeland-Diaspora Nexus: South Korea and Koryŏ saram

Prof.* Changzoo Song* (University of Auckland)

Koryŏ saram Diasporic Returnees in South Korea: Constructing Identity as
Lesser Koreans

Prof.* Stephen Cho Suh* (University of Colorado at Colorado Springs)

Diasporic Reconciliation: Living as “Overseas Koreans” in South Korea

*12:45**–**14:15* Lunch Break

*14:15**–**15:45* *Panel V Overseas Koreans: Family, Work, and Belonging *

*(Chair: Prof. Matteo Fumagalli)*

*Jieun Lee* (University of Georgia)

The Cartography of Korean Adoptees’ Transnational Mobility and
Identity: Remapping
Kinship, Citizenship and Belonging in Eric Sharp’s Middle Brother

Prof.* Yonson Ahn* (Goethe University of Frankfurt)

Caring for Others: Korean Nurse “Guest Workers” in Germany

*Ruixin Wei *(Goethe University of Frankfurt)

Linking, Bonding, Bridging: Korean Chinese Students’ Use of Communication
Technologies in Seoul, Korea

*15:45**–**16:15* Q&A and Closing Remarks by Prof. *Yonson Ahn*


Contact: Yonson Ahn (y.ahn at em.uni-frankfurt.de)

               Mi-Jeong Jo (jo at em.uni-frankfurt.de)

Best regards,
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