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Dear Colleagues,

We would like to share with you the contents of the latest issue of the Seoul Journal of Korean Studies.

These articles can be downloaded via Project MUSE or DBPia, but we can also send out a limited number of complimentary copies. Please send an e-mail to seoul.journal at gmail.com<mailto:seoul.journal at gmail.com> to receive a copy. Also, if you have any queries about publishing articles or reviews, please send an e-mail to the same address.

Volume 30, no. 2 (Dec. 2017):

JANG JIYEON. Korean Geomancy from the Tenth through the Twentieth Centuries: Changes and Continuities (101-130)

PARK JEONGEUN. Re-thinking Married Bhiksu: Examination of Bhiksu Ordinations and Clerical Marriage in 1920s Korean Buddhism (131-164)

KIM HAN SUNG. The Modern City from Imperial and Colonial Eyes: Focusing on Yokomitsu Riichi's Shanghai (1932) and Kim Kirim's The Weather Map (1936) ( 165-184)

PETER BANSEOK KWON. Beyond Patron and Client: Historicizing the Dialectics of US-ROK Relations amid Park Chung Hee's Independent Defense Industry Development in South Korea, 1968-1979 (185-216)

CHOE YONG UN. Korean Protestantism in the Age of "Surplus of Positivity": A Socio-cultural Analysis of Church Defaults in South Korea (217-238)

KIM SUNGSOON. Gender Issues in Contemporary Won Buddhism: Focusing on the Status of Female Clerics (239-256)


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