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R.E. Breuker r.e.breuker at hum.leidenuniv.nl
Mon Mar 5 06:47:49 EST 2018

Dear list members,

I'm posting the message below for one of my graduate students. Any help
would be greatly appreciated. If you have a copy of the source requested,
my student can be contacted at carlijngouverne at msn.com.

For my MA thesis about the pro-Japanese collaborators discourse I am
discussing the history book controversy, but I have trouble finding
the following
source: [올바른 역사교과서 현장검토본] of which an online version was revealed by the
Ministry of Education of the Republic of Korea on November 28th 2016. At
the time it was available online, and a PDF version of the three books it
contained [중학교 역사 I, 중학교 역사 2, 고등학교 한국사] was also available. As of 2018
there are both no online and offline versions available. Any advice on how
I could get my hands on a copy/PDF-file of these books would be

Thank you,

Remco Breuker, Leiden University.
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