[KS] Kyujanggak Lecture - Nine Clouds in Motion (Wuerthner)

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Dear Colleagues,

You are warmly invited to this year's first "Book Talk/저자특강."

Dr. Dennis Wuerthner (Bochum University) will present on Monday 12 March, 15-18 hrs. The lecture will take place on the first floor seminar room of the Kyujangak Institute for Korean Studies. Discussants will be Professors Jeong Byeongseol 정병설 (SNU) and O Yunseon 오윤선 (한국교원대학교).

The title of the book that he recently published is Nine Clouds in Motion: A Study of Hypertexts of Kuunmong, Focusing on Kuullu /Kuungi (Peter Lang 2017). For more information see here:

Nine Clouds in Motion: http://kyu.snu.ac.kr/home/index.do?idx=02&siteCd=KYU&topMenuId=202&targetId=243

서울대학교 규장각한국학연구원 - kyu.snu.ac.kr<http://kyu.snu.ac.kr/home/index.do?idx=02&siteCd=KYU&topMenuId=202&targetId=243>
규장각자료조사 사업; 인문한국연구사업; 21세기 신규장각 프로젝트; 한국학장기기초연구사업; 규장각 학술행사

If you need more information, please contact the International Center for Korean Studies at icks at snu.ac.kr.


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