[KS] Press Release for European Journal of Korean Studies Vol 17 (1)

Charlotte Horlyck ch10 at soas.ac.uk
Sat Mar 10 18:05:32 EST 2018

Dear Colleagues

As President of the British Association of Korean Studies (BAKS), it is my
great pleasure to announce the publication of the European Journal of
Korean Studies Vol 17 (1). I hope you enjoy the content and will consider
publishing your work in future issues of EJKS. On behalf of the BAKS
Council, I would like to thank the editor of EJKS Dr Adam Cathcart and his
team for their dedication and hard work.

Best wishes Charlotte Horlyck

Lecturer in Korean Art History (SOAS)

*Press Release for European Journal of Korean Studies Vol 17 (1)*

After sixteen volumes and twenty-seven years, *The Papers of the British
Association for Korean Studies (BAKS Papers)* has become the *European
Journal of Korean Studies*. Founded in 1991, the *BAKS Papers *has been a
repository for the most rigorous and interesting academic output focused on
the Korean Peninsula in the United Kingdom.  The *European Journal of
Korean Studies* carries on this scholarly mission across, to and within the
continent, facilitating the publication of English-language peer reviewed
academic work in all disciplines on matters Korean. With this evolution,
the *European Journal of Korean Studies *aims to be the leading peer
reviewed, citation indexed outlet for academic output in Europe in the
English language, providing European and global scholars of Korea a
publication and output option we know has been much in demand, long called
for, and eagerly anticipated.

The first issue under our new name, the* European Journal of Korean Studies*
Vol 17 (1), continues the wide ranging, scholarly, critical and ambitious
spirit of *BAKS Papers. *Articles in the issue span the globe from the
encounter with modern Korean culture in the Philippines, narratives of
peace and war, and the memories and writings of some of South Korea’s most
famous politicians. The *European Journal of Korean Studies *Vol 17 (1), as
is customary for an academic journal, reviews some of the most intriguing
recent book length writing, yet it also seeks to add flexibility to the
journal format through the publication of research notes on pressing
issues. This issue, for example, explores the literatures and landscapes of
one of the United Kingdom’s most famous scholars of the Korean-Chinese

We certainly hope you enjoy and are stimulated by this first issue of
the *European
Journal of Korean Studies *and are interested by the opportunity to publish
peer-reviewed work in a publication based in Europe. We absolutely welcome
new writing by scholars in Western and Eastern Europe, America, Korea,
Australasia, and beyond, and hope that readers will consider submitting
their own work for future issues, which will appear twice a year.

To obtain a copy of the European Journal of Korean Studies please email
Tristan Webb of the British Association for Korean Studies at
treasurer at baks.org.uk, visit our website for further information at
http://www.baks.org.uk/wptest/bakspapers/*,* and/or become a member of the
British Association of Korean Studies and receive this, future, and past
issues free of charge: http://www.baks.org.uk/wptest/home/join/.

Editor in Chief - Dr Adam Cathcart (University of Leeds)

Managing Editor - Dr Robert Winstanley-Chesters (Australian National

Charlotte Horlyck 샬롯 홀릭 / President of the British Association of Korean
Studies  영국 한국학회장/ Lecturer in Korean art history, Department of the
History of Art and Archaeology  고고미술사학과 교수 / 한국미술사 / SOAS, University of
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