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Dear Korean Studies,

Could you please post the CFP for an edited volume, "Candlelight for
Justice: Social Movement and Democracy in 21st Century Korea" -- also
attached here in Word and PDF formats.

Please let me know if you have any question.

Thank you.


*Call For Papers *

On March 10, 2017, Geun-Hye Park, the incumbent South Korean President was
impeached by the Congressional Court (finding her “betraying the trust of
the people” and “abandoning the duty”), after months of massive,
nation-wide public protests. While it was not the first time that the
public/popular pressed and removed Korean political leaders from office,
the peaceful public protest of 2016 and 2017 (some called “candlelight
movement,” “democratic revolution,” or a “miracle”) marked several distinct
features and characteristics from previous social movements which, we
believe, deserve critical examinations – with respect to its participants,
means, processes, logics, outcomes, and implications.

We (JongHwa Lee at Angelo State University, Chuyun Oh at San Diego State
University, and Yong-Chan Kim at Yonsei University) are seeking chapter
proposals for an edited volume, “Candlelight for Justice: Social Movement
and Democracy in 21st Century Korea.” We are interested in academic essays
that examine the significance and implications of the candlelight movement
(primarily in 2016 and 2017) and the impeachment of South Korean President,
Geun-Hye Park.

Coming from multi-disciplinary angles (including but not limited to the
fields of Communication Studies, Korean Studies, Asian Studies, Arts,
Literature, Sociology, History, Political Science, Psychology, Women’s
Studies, etc.), with diverse theoretical lenses, scholarly traditions, and
research methods, this volume intends to offer a comprehensive, dynamic,
and in-depth analysis of the candlelight movement and the impeachment of
the South Korean President.

Central questions that may be a focus for an essay include the following:
What brought the people together (or what moved “the social”), and
eventually the impeachment of the President? And what is coming after the
impeachment? What are the important factors, events, agents, or variables
that played significant roles in the process? What was the role of
communication/rhetoric – any specific factors related to media (new or
traditional), message (symbolism, key-words, or tropes), context/situation,
or speakers and audiences that had more prominent roles? Particularly, what
is the significance of candles, social media, and space/plaza in the social
movement – as opposed to more traditional modes, venues, institutions, or
agencies for/against the social movement? How much of the experience is
uniquely ‘Korean,’ and how much is relevant for bigger narratives of
democracy, social movements, and communication/rhetoric, possibly in other

While this particular call is seeking studies that examine communicative
and rhetorical implications, factors, and dimensions regarding the
impeachment of South Korean President and the candlelight movement, the
final volume will eventually include chapters from other academic
traditions and disciplines.

Please submit an abstract and your CV to jonghwa.lee at angelo.edu by June 30,
2018.  We are anticipating the submission of finished essays by May 1,
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