[KS] Translating 정철

Luke William lukekwilliam at gmail.com
Wed May 9 19:31:54 EDT 2018

My name is Luke William and I am curious if anyone is working on, or
interested in working on, a book of English translations of 시조 by 정철.  I
have a Ph.D. in English/Critical Theory from UC Irvine and am a poet in the
MFA program at Texas State University.  I'm fascinated by the 시조 by 정철 that
I've read in anthologies and wish there were a book devoted solely to his
work.  He seems to me to be a world-class poet worthy of a translation of
just his work.  My knowledge of Korean is rudimentary, but I'm learning;
and I'm a very good poet/translator.  If anyone has knowledge about a
project like this or would like to work with me to start one, please
contact me at lukekwilliam at gmail.com.

Luke K William, Ph.D.
MFA Poetry Program
Texas State University
Music:  lukekwilliam.com
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