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Koreanstudies listserv,

Can you please post the below call for papers to the listserv? Thank you,
Travis Workman.

Call for Papers

Korean Literature Association Annual Workshop

“The Worlds of Korean Literature and Media”

October 26-27, 2018

University of Minnesota, Twin Cities

            In reconstructing the travels of Chosŏn period intellectuals,
in analyzing the influence of ideas of world history and world literature
on colonial Korean literature, or in examining how contemporary Korean
cinema engages with global film genres—we are asked not only to situate
Korean literature and media within the world, but to interpret how Korean
texts have imagined and articulated their relation to ideas of “the world”
within and beyond their local contexts. This workshop will be concerned
broadly with developing modes of comparison that allow us to read Korean
literature and media outside the framework of national culture, while also
specifying how and why particular articulations and imaginings of the
world—including world literature, world history, and world cinema—have been
significant at particular historical moments. It will also address how our
practices of comparison can establish relations between texts and contexts
without defining either the world or Korea according to dominant binaries
such as the West and the Rest, colonizer and colonized, modern and native.

            This workshop will be held at the University of Minnesota,
October 26-27, 2018. There will be one panel dedicated to the work of
current PhD students. Participants will be provided with roundtrip airfare
to the Twin Cities and three nights of lodging. Please send paper proposals
of around 200 words to Travis Workman (tworkman at umn.edu) before July 1,
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