[KS] Publication announcement: Korean Anthropology Review vol. 2

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Wed May 16 08:46:15 EDT 2018

Dear Colleagues,
I would like to announce the publication of vol. 2  of Korean Anthropology Review: A journal of Korean anthropology in translation.

Please see the table of contents below. All articles can be viewed online at www.kanthroreview.com <http://www.kanthroreview.com/>, and there is a link on the website for requesting print copies.

For those of you in Seoul, there will be a roundtable with translators, authors, and editors as a part of the the Korean Anthropological Association meeting, on Saturday June 9, 3:00-4:45 pm, on the campus of Seoul National University. Hope to see many of you there!

Olga Fedorenko

Associate Editor
Korean Anthropology Review

Assistant Professor
Department of Anthropology
Seoul National University

Korean Anthropology Review

Published by the Department of Anthropology at Seoul National University, Korean Anthropology Review: A journal of Korean anthropology in translation (KAR) introduces Korean anthropological scholarship to international audiences, by carrying English translations of Korean-language articles previously published in Korean anthropology journals. KAR selects from the finest anthropological research by Korean anthropologists that builds on their particular concerns and intellectual heritage yet is open to global engagement. The aim of this English-language journal is to foster dialogues between the intellectual traditions of Korean anthropology, on the one hand, and global and other regional anthropologies, on the other. Through such dialogues, KAR seeks to contribute to the global commons of anthropological knowledge by bringing in theoretical and ethnographic dimensions salient in the Korean context yet with broader implications.

Vol.2, 2018 

Editors’ Note <http://www.kanthroreview.com/past/view.asp?a_key=3588491&flg=1>
Hyang Jin Jung, Olga Fedorenko, Jaesok Kim

Korean Anthropology Review 2: v-vii, 2018

The Politics of the Jeju 4.3 Holeomeong Bodies: “Speaking” and Emotion as Embodied Language <http://www.kanthroreview.com/past/view.asp?a_key=3588493&flg=1>
Kim Eun-Shil

Korean Anthropology Review 2: 1-41, 2018

Incomplete Stories: Experiences and Memories of Japanese Imperial Army’s Comfort Women <http://www.kanthroreview.com/past/view.asp?a_key=3588494&flg=1>
Kim Myung-hye

Korean Anthropology Review 2: 43-72, 2018

Creating Polluted Spaces and Bodies: Labor Control in a Call Center and the Stigma of Female Smoking <http://www.kanthroreview.com/past/view.asp?a_key=3588495&flg=1>
Kim Kwanwook

Korean Anthropology Review 2: 73-107, 2018

A Linguistic Anthropological Study of the Typification of Middle-Aged Men in Korea: An Examination of Ajae Joke Data <http://www.kanthroreview.com/past/view.asp?a_key=3588496&flg=1>
Choi Jinsook

Korean Anthropology Review 2: 109-139, 2018

Work Experience and Identity of Skilled Male Workers following the Economic Crisis <http://www.kanthroreview.com/past/view.asp?a_key=3588497&flg=1>
Kim Hyun Mee

Korean Anthropology Review 2: 141-163, 2018

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