[KS] A special exhibition in Seoul

Brother Anthony ansonjae at sogang.ac.kr
Mon Nov 19 04:16:17 EST 2018

I will see if they have any information at the exhibition at the opening on Thursday. The story in Mary Linley Taylor's memoir "Chain of Amber (p 186) mentions that "the architect" accompanied them on a visit to the site of the future house but fails to name him (as also she regularly fails to provide dates for anything, or if she does they are usually wrong). The house was finally identified as the Taylor house when their son Bruce Taylor visited Seoul in about 2006 and was feted, given the city's honorary citizenship etc. That was because of the story of how when he was born on February 28 1919, his cot was used as a hiding place for copies of the Declaration of Independence, and his father sent a copy to Japan (to avoid censorship) by his brother Bill to be translated and wired to the western (US) press, so making him an Independence hero. The sideline role of Albert Taylor as a press correspondent might underlie the confusion with Bethel, I suppose. He was originally commissioned to cover Gojong's funeral and the 3.1 movement came as a surprise extra.

Br Anthony

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