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Wed Nov 21 00:03:13 EST 2018

We are glad to announce our hosting a presentation and Q&A with Prof. Van
Jackson as his new book, *On the Brink: Trump. Kim. And the Threat of
Nuclear War*, is to be released next week. For those interested, the venue
is the Hankuk University of Foreign Studies in Seoul, at the Graduate
School Building 2nd floor auditorium (BRICs Hall). The date and time are
scheduled for Thursday, November 29th, from 6:00pm. Please direct inquiries
to Prof. Chris Larsen, Director, *International Student Organization*:
chrisglarsen at gmail.com

*Topic*: “In 2017, the world watched as President Donald Trump and North
Korean leader Kim Jong Un traded personal insults and escalating threats of
nuclear war amid unprecedented shows of military force. Former Pentagon
insider and Korean security expert Van Jackson traces the origins of the
first American nuclear crisis in the post-Cold War era, and explains the
fragile, highly unpredictable way that it ended. Jackson analyzes the US
response to North Korea's increasing nuclear threat in the context of
Trump's aggressive rhetoric, prior US policy failures, the geopolitics of
East Asia, North Korean strategic culture and the acceleration of its
nuclear program. Jackson argues that the Trump administration's policy of
'maximum pressure' brought the world much closer to inadvertent nuclear war
than many realize - and charts a course for the prevention of future
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