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I am happy to share the following call for contributions for a book by Korea Verband (https://www.koreaverband.de/en/):

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Call for Contributions: Book »Conveying Shared History in Division«

In January 2017 and in August 2018, Korea Verband hosted conferences on "Conveying Shared History in Division" and on "Polarization through Enemy Images" within Germany and Korea. The results of both sessions will now be published as an anthology in German and Korean, in order to document the results in the long term. The publication is expected to be published by June 2019. Along with the documentation, we would like to include diverse form of writings regarding the topic of the book. Interested parties are invited to submit proposals for additional individual contributions by 9 December 2018.


Both in South Korea and in Germany, the question of how the Korean and German division history should be taught in schools is an ongoing debate accompanying important educational policy issues. What is considered important today in Germany during and after the unification process can open up interesting prospects for Korea in the present day. On the other hand, the current debate on the design of the subject of "reunification" in South Korean schools can give new impetus to the presentation of the divided history in Germany.

The specialist publication "Conveying Shared History in Division - Comparing School Education in Germany and Korea" is intended to examine school lessons on the history of their own division in both countries. It should also be analyzed to what extent enemy images were carried into the classroom and that a polarization of society opposed or prevented reunification. The contributions deal in particular with the teaching contents and methods, textbooks, the historical narratives of the respective countries and the historical work. Contributions about other divided countries and their experiences could also be included in the publication.


Experts from different backgrounds will contribute to the anthology: from scholars in education and history, to teachers and practitioners of civil society, to people with personal experience of division. In addition, specialized papers, but also essays and other types of text, such as interviews are welcomed.

The contributions should be written in German, English or Korean. German and English texts should have a length of 30,000 characters (including spaces), shorter and longer texts are also possible. Korean texts should consist of 13,500 syllables. We ask for statements of contributions by 9 December 2018 to Sina Schindler (sina.schindler at koreaverband.de<mailto:sina.schindler at koreaverband.de>). Contributions to the book must be submitted by 31 January 2019.

Reader and Videos

The readers in German and Korean as well as the videos of the lectures and the panel discussion offer an insight into both conferences. Both readers can be downloaded here:

§  Vermittlung von geteilter Geschichte / 분단의 역사와 교과서<http://www.koreaverband.de/download/files/Vermittlung_von_geteilter_Geschichte.pdf> (February 5.-8., 2017)

§  Polarisierung durch Feindbilder – Schulische Bildung in Deutschland und Korea im Vergleich<http://www.koreaverband.de/download/Polarisierung_durch_Feindbilder.pdf> / 적 대화로 인한 사회 양극화: 독일과 한국의 학교 교육비교 (August 24-26, 2018)

Videos of the conferences can be accessed on YouTube: Videos<https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLgCD9aYbWTMu510yansHiNVgSqOViGms_> of the conferences

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