[KS] Workshop of Contemporary History at Kyoto University

Patrick Vierthaler black_vegeta_2000 at yahoo.de
Wed Jun 12 02:46:31 EDT 2019

Dear members,
I am glad to inform you that this year's workshop of the contemporary history department at Kyoto University on July 27 (SAT) will focus on 100 years March 1st Movement and establishment of the Provisional Government of the Republic of Korea. 

All in all, we plan three presentations, commented by Mizuno Naoki (Kyoto University, prof. em.). The first presentation by Ono Yasuhiro (Kyushu University) will focus on the process of translation of Wilson's "self-determination" to Japan and Korea. Ha Chong-mun (Hansin University, Seoul) will present on "history" and "politics" as seen in the 2019 commemoration events. Finally, I will present on the historical disputes surrounding the roots of the Republic of Korea through the concept of Cultural Trauma.
 Please note that all the presentations will be in Japanese.

Please refer to the attached PDF for more details.

-------- Patrick Vierthaler Department of Contemporary History (PhD Student)
Graduate School of Letters Kyoto University 606-8501 Kyoto Japan 

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