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I forgot the most accessible account of the Kwangju tragedy by an American eyewitness. It is Laying Claim to the Memory of May, by Linda S. Lewis. The University of Hawaii Press published that book.


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Dear Korean Studies list administrator,

Is there a way to search the Archives of past postings?   I recall reading discussions on the Kwangju Uprising in this list  and want to point our student to the postings, but I could not figure out how to search by keywords.  Please help.

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Subject: Resources on Honam - Gwangju Uprising, particularly records of accounts from American Missionaries

I am currently preparing a paper on the Gwangju Uprising and the roles that Americans played both documenting the atrocities committed and the aftermath. I have already went through a few sources in the library, but most are from Korean language sources and do not discuss American testimonials or eyewitness accounts. I would like to know if you have any recommendations on resources either at USC or UCLA that might provide accounts from Americans at Gwangju.

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