[KS] 1930s Chinese/Manchukuo newspaper archive?

Roald Maliangkaij roald.maliangkay at anu.edu.au
Thu Mar 28 17:21:34 EDT 2019

Dear Frank,

Have you tried the Shengjing shi bao (盛京時報) yet? It is online but I believe it requires a subscription. 



On 29/3/19, 6:12 am, "Koreanstudies on behalf of Frank Hoffmann" <koreanstudies-bounces at koreanstudies.com on behalf of hoffmann at koreanstudies.com> wrote:

    Hello All:
    A real quick question:
    is there any -- ideally 'open access' -- digital Chinese (and/or 
    Manchukuo) newspaper database, covering the 1930s? Am looking for the 
    _Datong bao_ 大同報, but other papers of that period will also be fine.
    Frank Hoffmann

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