[KS] The 4th RIKS Academy for Young Korean Studies Scholars

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Research Institute of Korean Studies at Korea University is operating a program for graduate students in both Korea and abroad, under the auspices of the Pony Chung Foundation, as shown below.   

Hosted by the Research Institute of Korean Studies at Korea University
Sponsored by the Pony Chung Foundation

The 4th RIKS Academy
for Young Korean Studies Scholars

Program Objectives

Over the past generation, research into Korean Studies has seen both quantitative and qualitative progress alongside an ever-increasing number of researchers in Korean Studies both domestically and overseas. Our variety is thanks to the diverse numbers of countries, cultures, and academic environments from which our researchers come from. Despite this, young researchers do not have many opportunities to share their findings and enhance their expertise.

In response to this, Korea University’s Research Institute of Korean Studies (RIKS) worked in collaboration with the support of the Pony Chung Foundation to create such a platform in 2016, called the RIKS Academy. Since its founding in 1957, RIKS, a leader in the field of Korean Studies, has done its best to fulfill the long-term mission of enabling active interaction among young researchers and to broaden the reach of Korean Studies. This year, the fourth RIKS Academy will bring together scholars of philosophy, history, and literature for intensive courses designed to explore the context of Korean Studies as it relates to East Asia. 

The following two events aim to deepen participants’ expertise and broaden networking connections between young Korean studies scholars: (1) Korean studies seminars from leading scholars (2) Young Korean studies scholars’ presentations and discussion on their research topics. We at RIKS encourage all participants’ research and cooperation, and look forward to working with you. 



○ Dates: Monday, August 5 – Friday, August 9, 2019 (for the duration of five days)

○ Main Programs: 

① Intensive seminars run by leading scholars 
② Participant research presentation
③ Fieldwork 

○ Location: Research Institute of Korean Studies (RIKS), Korea University

○ Host: Research Institute of Korean Studies (RIKS), Korea University

○ Sponsor: Pony Chung Foundation


Application Guidelines

○ Eligibility Criteria: 

- Student enrolled in a Korean Studies graduate program  

- Currently taking classes conducted in Korean, and can participate in discussions and presentations in Korean (intensive courses, research presentations) (must meet all aforementioned requirements) 


○ Award Information:

- Amount awarded: KRW 1 million for overseas participants, KRW 1 million for domestic students

- Overseas participants are eligible for travel grants (United States/Europe: up to KRW 1 million, Asia: up to KRW 500,000)

- Reception Dinner (8/05), Fieldwork Lunch (8/07), Farewell Lunch (8/09) are provided

(Accommodation arrangements can be organized upon request)


○ Number of Participants: 16-20 persons (8 – 10 domestic students, 8 – 10 overseas students)


○ Application Instructions:

- Completed online application (personal information, title of presentation, and abstract)



○ Application Deadline: May 31, 2019 (KST) (All deadlines are strictly enforced)


○ Regarding participant selection, notification and submission of presentation materials:

- Submitted applications will be reviewed by the academy’s selection committee under RIKS 

- Results will be sent to applicants via email by June 30, 2019 

- Selected persons must submit a five page manuscript (A4) by July 20, 2019 (no late submissions accepted) 

- Detailed further instructions will be provided at the time of results notification

Contact Information

Research Institute of Korean Studies at Korea University 

-Contact Person: Ms. Kim, Suhee, International Center for Korean Studies

○Phone : +82 02-3290-2595  ○E-mail: icks at korea.ac.kr


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