[KS] request to post: 2021 MLA - Korea LLC CFP - The Persistence of Encoded Bias: Algorithmic Hegemony in Korean Media

Haerin Shin helenshin at stanford.kr
Mon Mar 9 13:07:06 EDT 2020

Inviting submissions for the upcoming 2021 MLA: please share with fellow
scholars who're interested in digital media/new media (platforms, games,
film, OTTs, social media, etc.), machine learning, AI - and studies on race
and/or gender! //////////////

Encoded biases and/or biased codes in Korea’s mediascape, including
gender/age/class/race/religion-based prejudices in media, literature,
platforms, and products (e.g. AI assistants). 250-word abstract and
one-page CV by March 15 to Haerin Shin (*h
<haerin.shin at vanderbilt.edu>elenshin at stanford.kr <elenshin at stanford.kr>*).

Recent advancements in research and application have established machine
learning as not only a pervasive base structure but also a superstructural
presence that reflects and shapes the public domain. Seemingly impartial
due to its computational nature yet constitutionally reliant upon existent
identificatory parameters such as gender, race, nationality, religion,
class, and age, algorithmic reasoning is in fact heavily steeped in human
bias. Korea’s mediascape is no exception, feeding on and in turn feeding
into hegemonic discourses that persist across discrete substrates. The
power of algorithmic hegemony extends over a wide spectrum of networked
interactions and their representations to encompass ecommerce, OTT
platforms, manufacturing, social media, and entertainment services;
implementations of aggregate user behavior data produce gender-profiled
results in search engine autosuggest features, for example, while facial
recognition software trained in biased or flawed datasets even proves fatal
in autonomous vehicles or home security programs. This panel seeks papers
that explore such instances of algorithmically powered hegemonies in Korean
media and/or its representation, with attention to the particularities of
social susceptibility that stem from Korea’s robust telecommunications
infrastructure and super-wired userbase. Literally *enacted* through their
execution, how do encoded biases and biased codes persist in mediated
experience, and subsequently, the tangible fabrics of our lives? Topics may
include readings of television, film, literature, videogames, platforms,
consumer products (e.g. AI assistants), or social media trends that
instantiate or represent such phenomena.


Haerin (Helen) Shin

Assistant Professor of English | Cinema & Media Arts | Asian Studies

Vanderbilt University

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