[KS] Survey on using Korean materials overseas!

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Fri Oct 2 08:49:56 EDT 2020


On behalf of the National Library of Korea, we are doing research to improve its overseas services. We are interested in learning about your current needs as a (potential) user for Korean materials. Please take a few short minutes to fill out our survey form. Your feedback would be valuable in developing future plans to expand the support of Korean materials and information sources overseas.

The survey is entirely anonymous. Your responses will be used only for research purposes. The participants will have a chance to win one of three pairs of Apple AirPods.

Thank you so much for taking your time and help!

(English)  https://forms.gle/hC5D1uwVod4UTjsU6

(Korean)  https://forms.gle/zskTkAbHLvo8iLqv9

--Promoted by the Department of Library and Information Science at Myongji University

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