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Fri Oct 2 14:25:20 EDT 2020

Dear Colleagues:

I am pleased to announce that the fall issue of Sungkyun Journal of East Asia Studies (SJEAS) is now available through our website:


The contents are:
Andrew LOGIE: “Salvation through History: On the Relationship between An Kyŏngjŏn’s Millenarian Doctrine and Pseudohistory”

Sung-Hwa HONG: “Official and Private Weights and Measures (Duliangheng 度量衡) during the Qing Dynasty and Contemporary Perceptions”

Wangli HUANG and Qiliang HE: “Tomboy: New Womanhood, Stardom, and Chinese Cinema in the 1930s”

Hye-ryoung LEE: “Is A Lone Room (Oettanbang) Labor Literature? An Intellectual Female Writer’s Record of Working- Class Women’s Sexuality”

Hyung-Gu LYNN: “Review Essay: Mobilities and Migrations in Modern East Asia”

This marks our last issue with Jimoondang Publishers in Korea, to whom we are most grateful for their past collaboration. From spring issue 2021, we will begin a new partnership with Duke University Press (and SJEAS will continue to be available via ProjectMUSE). This also marks our last issue to carry research on post-1945 East Asia. Henceforth, SJEAS will focus on research from all fields of the humanities concerning the pre-1945 ‘Sinographic Sphere’.

With my thanks, 
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