[KS] SAT and AP distortions

Mark Peterson markpetersonemeritus at gmail.com
Fri Oct 16 13:18:37 EDT 2020

Jonathan, you are absolutely correct. It is not a College Board / SAT
problem. Except that it is.    I realized after posting my alarmed note
yesterday, in thinking about it, that it was Barrons (which is not the best
in textbook publishing) and the Princeton Review that are the primary
offenders here. And I’ve communicated with my contacts at the AKS “바로 알리기”
(there textbook review office) to see if they can send me copies of whole
passages. The person in charge of American textbook evaluations was greatly
dismayed over this. And Jonathan, you are right about the College Board not
being responsible for the publications of a “third party” but at the same
time, they, like us, need to work to make sure the erroneous material
doesn’t show up on the exam.  For five years I was an ETS test writer — and
it’s a five-member committee that does it. And if the “Asian” history
member is biased toward the Chinese point-of-view that has crept into the
prep text, then the problem grows. Our attention to the matter, in concert
with the College Board, will help maintain the integrity of the standards
of education about Korea in America.  So, writing the College Board is not
a misdirected effort as much as it is a call to their attention that there
is a fire in their barn, so to speak. They didn’t set the fire, to continue
with the analogy, but it’s their barn and they should do what they can, as
should we, to put the fire out quickly.    Best regards, Mark
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