[KS] online resources of Korean studies journals or ebooks

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The RISS site is also great: 


Most of the references indexed are in for-pay databases like KISS and DBPia, so access can be challenging if your library doesn't have access to them, but it's great nonetheless for letting you know what's out there on a topic (and a lot of the MA and PhD theses are open access), and the KCI articles mentioned by Rick McBride, as well as a few others that are open access, are included.

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Dear Junghee

One place you can send students is the Korea Open Access Journals website:


Korea Journal, Acta Koreana, The Review of Korean Studies and others are available through this website.
The problem is that the website is not easily searchable like ProjectMuse or JSTOR.

Rick McBride

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Dear colleagues,

I found out that I cannot find the journals of Korean studies online any more.
Would you let me know how I can find them so students can write papers.
Books and journals are not available in the library for students.
Online sources will be very helpful.

Your help is much appreciated.

Best regards,

Junghee Lee

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