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Announcement of publication of European Journal of Korean Studies Vol 20 (2)

The European Journal of Korean Studies aims to be the leading peer-reviewed, citation-indexed outlet for academic output in Europe in the English language, providing European and global scholars of Korea a venue that we know has been much in demand, long called for, and greatly anticipated.

Table of Contents
Special Section:  'Adaptation and Resistance In and Around South Korea: The Cases of Migrant Workers, Diasporas, Laborers, and Online Feminist Activists'
Guest Editor, YOUNGMI KIM (University of Edinburgh)

'The Precarity and Strategic Navigation of Chosŏnjok Migrants in South Korea'
HAERAN SHIN (Seoul National University)

'“Identity through difference”: Liminal Diasporism and Generational Change Among the Koryo Saram in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan'
MATTEO FUMAGALLI (St Andrews University)

'Seoul as a Site of Labor Resistance: The Spatial Representation of Inequality and Injustice'
YOONKYUNG LEE (University of Toronto)

'Mirroring Misogyny in Hell Chosŏn: Megalia, Womad, and Korea’s Feminism in the Age of Digital Populism'
YOUNGMI KIM (University of Edinburgh)

Translating and Translation Practices in 2021: An Interview with The Smoking Tigers
Questions from Robert Winstanley-Chesters, Immanuel Kim, and Janet Poole

Special Section:  Mobility, Humanities, and Korean Studies
Guest Editor, TAEHEE LEE (Konkuk University)

'Islands in Korean Movies: On the Mobility/Immobility of Isolation'
INSEOP SHIN (Konkuk University)

'Mobile Imperialism and its Fissure in Colonial Chosŏn: Centering on Kim Namch’ŏn’s “To Chŏllyŏng”'
JINHYOUNG LEE (Konkuk University)

'From Immobility to Mobility: The Korean DMZ as a Heterotopia'
TAEHEE LEE (Konkuk University)

'Considerations for the Direction of Mobility Humanities Education: Focused on Study Cases of the Mobility Humanities Education Center of Konkuk University'
JOOYOUNG KIM (Konkuk University)

Individual Paper:

'Mimetic Desire and Ressentiment in the Case of the Japan–South Korea Trade Dispute'
AHLEM FARAOUN (University of Sussex)

Papers in this issue consider the lives and journeys of migrant workers, diasporas, laborers, and online feminist activists in South Korea and Kyrgyzstan, as well as mobilities and Mobility Studies and their intersections with Korea and Korean Studies. This issue also includes an interview section, featuring an interview piece with the translation collective focused on Korean literature, The Smoking Tigers, questions for which have been generated by Immanuel Kim, Janet Poole, and Robert Winstanley-Chesters. The European Journal of Korean Studies Vol 20 (2) also offers reviews of some of the most intriguing recent book-length writing, including a review of David Fedman's Seeds of Control: Japan’s Empire of Forestry in Colonial Korea by Lisa Brady of Boise State University, the former Editor of Environmental History. The issue also includes reviews of other books including Hyung-A Kim's Korean Skilled Workers: Towards a Labor Aristocracy, Alexander Bukh's These Islands are Ours: The Social Constructions of Territorial Disputes in Northeast Asia, and Immanuel Kim's Laughing North Koreans: The Culture of Comedy Films.

We welcome new writing by scholars from Western and Eastern Europe, Korea, Australasia, and beyond. We take a detailed approach to peer review and copy editing, are committed to diversity and take particular pride in our work with early career scholars. The journal appears twice a year, has an ISSN number and is now a member of Crossref.  The European Journal of Korean Studies is indexed in SCOPUS and ESCI/Web of Science, has been accepted for integration into the Modern Languages Association International Bibliography and the MLA Directory of Periodicals, and is under review for inclusion in SSCI/Web of Science.

To obtain a copy of the European Journal of Korean Studies, visit our website for further information at www.ejks.org.uk<http://www.ejks.org.uk/> and purchase a subscription, individual issues, or articles. The European Journal of Korean Studies subscription rates for students (up through graduate student/PhD level) are very reasonably priced online at £15 per year. You may also become a member of the British Association for Korean Studies and receive this, future, and past issues free of charge.

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