[KS] Book talk: Migrant Conversions March 11th 4 PM PST

Erica Vogel vogelem at gmail.com
Wed Mar 10 17:44:59 EST 2021

Apologies for cross posting--

If you are free tomorrow (March 11th) at 4PM PST, I would love for you to
attend my book talk at UC Berkeley's Center for Korean Studies.

*Title*: Migrant Conversions: Transforming Connections Between Peru and
South Korea. (UC Press 2020)

Here is the registration link for the event:

*Event summary:*
Peruvian migrant workers began arriving in South Korea in large numbers in
the mid-1990s, eventually becoming one of the largest groups of non-Asians
in the country. Migrant Conversions shows how despite facing unstable
income and legal exclusion, migrants have come to see Korea as an ideal
destination, sometimes even as part of their divine destiny. Faced with a
forced end to their residence in Korea, Peruvians have developed strategies
to transform themselves from economic migrants into heads of successful
transnational families, influential church leaders, and cosmopolitan
travelers. Set against the backdrop of the 2008 global financial crisis,
Migrant Conversions explores the intersections of three types of
conversions—monetary, religious, and cosmopolitan—to argue that migrants
use conversions to negotiate the meaning of their lives in a constantly
changing transnational context. As Peruvians carve out social spaces, they
create complex and uneven connections between Peru and Korea that challenge
a global hierarchy of nations and migrants. Exploring how migrants,
churches, and nations change through processes of conversion reveals how
globalization continues to impact people’s lives and ideas about their
futures and pasts long after they have stopped moving or after a particular
global moment has come to an end.

Here is a link to the open access version of the book:
And the event poster is attached.

Thank you!

Erica Vogel, PhD
Professor of Anthropology
Saddleback College
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