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Dear All,

we produced two videos as fruits of our online panel discussion on Korean
Literature in Yanbian for the AAS conference. Most of the discussion was in
Korean, but there are subtitles in English and Korean, which is hopefully

The first video is titled "Korean literature in the Korean Autonomous
Prefecture of Yanbian ". We talk about the identity of Korean-Chinese
literature 조선족 문학 (00:14 <https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1xYZ-DVvHh0&t=14s>
), the relation of ethnic and regional studies (8:02), humor in
Korean-Chinese literature (11:08
<https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1xYZ-DVvHh0&t=668s> ) and also a little
bit about Korean translations of The Journey to the West in Yanbian
(🐒there are so many!!! 13:32

The second video "Korean language, Korean people, Korean literature우리 말, 우리
민족, 그리고 코리안 문학" starts with a discussion on "uri" 우리 (0:17) and "minjok" 민족
(4:25), which might be helpful in the classroom to make students familiar
with some perspectives in this never-ending discussion.
Han Yong-un (Dongguk University) talks about his time as member of the
compilation team of the Gyeoremal Keunsajeon 겨레말큰사전 and explains why
"gyeore" seemed to be the best option for the title of the "unified"
dictionary project. Kim Seong Su (Sungkyunkwan University) questions the
emphasis on "minjok" and "unification" in the circles of established South
Korean scholars. And finally he and Jerome share some anecdotes from their
academic exchanges with scholars from North Korea and China and point out
how difficult it is to agree on a common terminology. Dafna, our
discussant, and I kept the discussion going with our questions. You can see
Dafna waving at 16:05.
[image: 😃] Enjoy!



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