[KS] youtube websites of the Korean art in the Context of Global Art history conference

Junghee Lee dilj at pdx.edu
Sun Mar 21 01:38:55 EDT 2021

Dear colleagues,

The youtube website of the Korean art society's 60th-anniversary
symposium is on 7-hour video on youtube which includes both days in
bilingual. First session was in English.


They are bilingual.  English with korean translation, and other activities.
If it says wait for the break, move cursor forward and you will see the
rest of them.
 Many Japanese scholars gave papers.

Japanese and Korean translation.

If you know Korean or Japanese you will understand most of them.

Best wishes,

Junghee Lee
Professor of Art History
School of Art and Design
Portland State University
P. O. Box 751
Portland, OR  97207-0751
U. S. A.
leeju at pdx.edu

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