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Tue Aug 2 22:05:45 EDT 2022

Dear Korean Studies members

I am writing to remind you to register for our 4th talk this year by *Prof.
Minju Kim* next Monday (*8th August*), at *11 am* in AEST. The registration
closes in the next 4 days. Please see below for more details.

Monash University Korean Studies Research Hub (MUKSRH) Presents:

Forthcoming events 2022

Seminar 4: *Korean language and gender*

*Speaker:* Professor. Minju Kim (Professor of Korean Department of Modern
Languages and Literatures Claremont McKenna College)

*Date:*8th August Monday 11am (AEST)

*Venue: *zoom


Title: Korean language and gender

Using the theoretical framework of Language and Gender, the presentation
examines three topics about gender and the Korean language: naming genders,
performing genders, and linguistic evidences of changing Korean society. As
gender inequality is a global phenomenon, the inequalities in the
linguistic representations of the genders in Korean are similar to those in
different languages: disparities between genders in family terms, male
words preceding female words in word pairs, and women being encoded as part
of men. These inequalities are not just lingering residues of an old sexist
tradition, but ongoing phenomena. For instance, terms for young women have
increasingly obtained sexual meanings; both Korean akassi ‘young woman’ and
Chinese xiǎo jiě ‘young woman’ are following this pattern. The presentation
also examines how Korean women and men perform their genders using
linguistic resources, for instance, aegyo (acting cute). Lastly, scholars
of Language and Gender argue that there exists a traditional dichotomy,
pairing formal, hierarchical, assertive, and professional language with men
and informal, egalitarian, softer, and private language with women. At the
same time, Korean society and its linguistic ideology are overall changing
in a more casual and egalitarian direction. Consequently, linguistic traits
that were traditionally associated with women are becoming more popular
among men in Korea.


Minju Kim is Professor of Korean at Claremont McKenna College. Her research
focuses on discourse-functional linguistics including discourse analysis,
grammaticalization, language and gender, and corpus linguistics. Her recent
publications appeared in the Journal of Pragmatics, Discourse Studies,
Pragmatics, Linguistics and Studies in Language. She also authored
Grammaticalization in Korean (2011).

Registration: *https://forms.gle/idy8tff7tFb6LNSVA

Warmest regards,

*Soyeon Kim*

PhD candidate/ Teaching associate
Monash University Korean Studies Research Hub (MUKSRH) research assistant
School of Languages, Literatures, Cultures and Linguistics
Monash University
Clayton, Victoria, 3800

Email: Soyeon.Kim at monash.edu
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