[KS] food culture

Yuh Ji-Yeon jiyeon at sas.upenn.edu
Mon Aug 31 14:07:55 EDT 1998

hi fellow list members,

hope you can help with a query. i am looking for articles about koreans and
food. they can be historical, sociological, whatever. i am particularly
interested in articles about korean food culture: attitudes toward food,
etiquette regarding food and mealtimes (who gets to eat first, the order
people are served in, why it's impolite to take the last piece of food on a
plate, etc.), food and eating habits, the ways in which food and eating
habits have changed in the past 100 years, especially since 1945. also, if
anyone knows of any articles that discuss the food and eating habits of
koreans overseas, those cites would also be greatly appreciated.

if anyone has tried to look for similar articles and come up empty, knowing
that would be helpful as well.

thank you,


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