[KS] Re: Windows & Korean question

Jun-Yong Hoh jhoh at gwdg.de
Wed Sep 16 00:46:37 EDT 1998

Dear Gary and Otfried!    Dear list members!Indeed!  The SGML( or HTML)
is a de facto standard of mark-up-language.But I prefer to use the
(La)TeX, because of its powerful and professional
typesetting functions.

> The original question was about what software to use to typeset
> documents with mixed scripts (which I understand included Chinese,
> Japanese, and Korean).

> ps. I would still contend that LaTeX markup is as powerful as SGML
> markup, and that converting from LaTeX to SGML is not as silly as it
> may seem.

  If one uses Windows9x  or NT, I'd like to introduce the MikTeX, a very
LaTeX-Package for Win32. Please visite the following URL:
http://www.snafu.de/~cschenk/miktex  ;

To use korean-fonts, you have to install the wansung- or
located in "language/korean"  additionally.
BTW., I have a korean-editor called "Modngul" for Win 3.1/ 95. If one of
our list members wants to use it, please mail me.  It is a freeware with
own korean fonts, so one need not to have the korean version of  WinXX.

  Of course, it is the best way to use the (La)TeX , if you use the Linux
Using this OS, one can convert the latex document into the HTML-format
and vice versa.

With the command "dvips" you can also get a professional postscript
and , in addition,  the very ps-file can be converted to pdf-format in
order to
view with the "acrobat reader" or  the "ghostview".

P.S. There is now a Project named "OpenHWP", which is to support multi-
languages on multiplatforms.  This program would realize a universal
in- and export of korean document (ex. hwp-format, rtf , html,  latex
The first developer version V0.01 will be distributed in october this
year !!!
For more information please visite: http://www.openhwp.ml.org/  or
http://www.geocities.com/SiliconValley/Sector/4392/ .
Besides korean, there are now  english, german, japanese hompages


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