[KS] We need help.

Dream Bo.Yun at Colorado.EDU
Mon Sep 14 12:47:00 EDT 1998

Hello people on the list.
This is my first time to use this list and I think i could get some help
here.  My friend and I have been trying to find my friend's original
parents from korea.  His name is Shin Jae Hoon, birth name is Shin Ji Soo.
He is adopted by American Family when he was 5 years old, now he's 20 and
he tried find his real parents for a long time. He says he was born in
Chun JU near small village named Ko-san or Go-san. My friend's mother died
shortly after giving a birth to my friend, about 4 months, and he does not
know who his father is. He was in hand of a woman named Mrs. Kim Gui Nam
about a year then after she give up my friend, he stayed in Chun Ju
Go-ah-won ( we are not sure of the name of Go ah won but it should be near
Go-san or Ko-san).  He was adopted through origanization called HOLT
adoption agency.  If anybody can help us to find my friend's real parents,
or let us know where we can contact to, we will truly appreciate.

Sincerly Bonny


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